Welcome to jenandstew.com!

The place to find all things Jen and Stew Racer related. Here you can find releases from our bands, labels and projects, old and new alike. Most of the 555 Recordings and Boyracer back catalogue are available as cheap downloads through this site. We will keep on adding old things as they turn up and new things as we record them, but we are also proud to announce our latest venture, a new record label called Emotional Response!

Emotional Response is a term used in our kidsí autism therapy, but also something that we all experience on different levels and in different ways everyday. Parenting young children on the autism spectrum has been our entire world for the past six years, and still is, but it is with great joy that we have been able to turn some of our attention back to music.

Please look around and join our mailing list so we will keep you up to date with exciting new releases and new projects as they come up. We have made every effort to keep all costs as low as possible.

Emotional Response records are also available through Normanrecords.com, Darla.com and Jigsaw-Records.com

Our bandcamp site, where you can also stream and purchase items is https://emotional-response-recs.bandcamp.com

Many thanks and much love,
Jen, Stew, Tallulah and Myffy xxxx