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Lu’s trip to LA

So Lu and I took a short trip to LA a couple of weekends ago and Lu got her very first hair cut from her Auntie Annah. I couldn’t believe how much hair we cut off and when it all curls back up it looks like we hardly cut any. We saved a couple of curls of course.

Lu also went to the LA zoo. This was great fun, but unfortunately it was hard for her to see very many of the animals. The enclosures are so big and she got tired of getting in and out of the stroller so much, but at least she got a good view of a few. Like these!

Lu loved hanging out with Annah at the zoo.

And when she could see an animal from her view by the fence, she watched them very closely to see what they would do.

Lu also had a play date with her 2nd cousin (?) or maybe cousin one removed (?) Anyway, the son of my cousin Colleen, Max. Lu and Max sort of acknowledged each other, and played near each other, ate some food at the same table, and were generally agreeable. Maybe next time they meet up they’ll both be into more interactive play.