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Out of the Loop…

Okay, so I haven’t posted since early February for a number of reasons. One is that I haven’t been crafting much (just trying to learn how to knit). Another is that Lu and I haven’t really done anything exciting or gone anywhere fun. Also I got my computer “fixed” and now it will no longer recognize my camera when I plug it in so I can’t put pictures in. And I haven’t been taking pictures anyway.

But the real reason behind all of this (except for the technical difficulties that is), is that we are now expecting another baby. Babyracer #2! We are all very excited about this (well, I’ve been trying to get Lu excited, but I’m not sure she really understands. She will sometimes pat my belly and say ‘baby?’ a bit quizically), but I am also, once again, extremely ill. So ill that I immediately went on the anti-nausea drugs that I agonized so over taking during the last pregnancy, and even so have already had to go get rehydration via IV several times. So that’s the state of things here at the Low Down. I’m not quite on complete bed rest, but tend to vomit whenever I go vertical from a horizontal position, smell anything, try to eat food, talk about food, something even think about food… Sometimes food isn’t involved at all.

Lu is going a little stir crazy with the restrictions this has caused in her life, but Stew has tried to help by getting her a new sand pit to play in and we’re going to put up one of those all-in-one playgrounds with slide, swings, climbing area, playhouse, etc before her birthday so she won’t miss trips to the park in town quite as much.

So that’s the news. I’ll try to get the computer/camera problem solved here soon so Lu’s overseas family can see how much she’s grown lately, but realistically, don’t expect much for the next several months because things like getting on line have become pretty low priority next to ingesting nutrients for the new baby and trying to keep Lu’s life as interesting as possible.

Due date Oct. 4th!