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An older video of Lu playing her little pink drum kit

So now that I’ve learned how to upload video onto my blog I wanted to post a couple of older videos of Lu that I never managed to show anyone. Here is one of Lu playing her Christmas drum kit that didn’t really end up being a Christmas present last year. It arrived in November and Stew just couldn’t help setting it up and giving it to her right away. She was about 1 and a half back then. Check out the technique!

2 weeks and counting

So we’re down to the final 2 week countdown for the birth of “new baby”. I’m feeling excited and very ready not to be pregnant anymore. I can’t believe how huge I’ve become and am having a bit of trouble getting around. Especially chasing the very lively little miss Lu. But Stew has been helping by doing some more Daddy and Lula days, like taking her to the free-play gymnastics time at summit gymnastics.

Here she is playing with some of the nice soft bouncy toys.

And here she is after playing for over an hour. All tuckered out and ready to sleep a good night’s sleep. Hooray!

Here’s some of the text that I stitched onto card stock as well. I will have to have a little bit of actual type for the spine and the acknowledgements and stuff, but for the most part, I managed to stitch the bulk of it. So glad it’s finally done and can’t wait for the cd to come out. Here’s hoping some people will actually buy it and listen to it now. If you want a preview, we posted a few songs on the mytty archer myspace at and once it’s done it will be available from

I’ve not been getting a ton of new babyracer stuff done these days, but I have continued to work on a few new fall designs, like these fall trees. I’ve done them in a few different colors and sizes but haven’t managed to list them in my etsy store yet. I’ll try to do it in the next week or so since I think I’ll be a bit busy once the new baby is here.

Other than that we’re just excited that Dave and Vicki (Stew’s parents) will be visiting soon and will be here for the birth of the baby. Lu won’t be allowed in the hospital at all while we are there because of regular flu and swine flu season so we’re hoping she’ll have a good time hanging with the grandparents while we’re there. Fingers crossed for a fast and easy labor!