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Nothing Cuter Than a Kid with Puppies!

Our friends who gave us Wheezy had another litter of puppies and invited Lu over to play! What a day!

Catching up again…

Ok, so I’m not very good at keeping up with the blog now that I’ve got 2 kids to take care of. The main problem is that I check my email and facebook on my blackberry, but cannot update my blog on the blackberry, so sometimes I go many many days without getting on the computer at all.

But anyway, enough excuses, here are 2 recent pictures of Myffy! I have to admit, I no longer blame my mother for there being so few photos of me as a child. When you have two kids, the camera never seems to be in reach when they do something cute or photo worthy. The Criminal Mastermind shirt was sent to Myffy by my Bryn Mawr friend Sara Zatz. Cute, huh?
And here is Myffy in her super soft and fuzzy winter coat that her auntie Shana gave her. Unfortunately she did spit up all over it this day, but it will soon be washed and fluffy again!
In other news, Stew very badly sprained his ankle the other day. Not getting stepped on by a horse, or kicked by a calf. Which would have been a better story than the truth. No, he was just shopping in Sam’s club with Lula when she suddenly took off around the end of an aisle while he was reaching into the fridge to grab some milk, he turned to chase here and rolled the ankle. No fall. No impact. And yet look at all the bruising and trauma!
Here’s the ankle the next day after I made him go to the Urgent Care Clinic for an x-ray. They told him it wasn’t broken but he should ice it and stay off of it. I tried to get him to get crutches or at least a walking stick, but proud Stewie refused. At least he did ice and elevate it quite a bit the first day or two, but he’s a horrible patient. He gets so bored sitting still that he kept getting up over and over. Oi! I’d shout, what do you need? I’ll get it! But if I was attending to one child or the other, or cooking, or doing something else, he wouldn’t want to wait or bother me, so he kept getting up. After 2 days I gave up. It’s your ankle, you’re the one who’s gonna pay for it if you don’t give it enough recovery time. He says it’s much better today, but just look at these photos. Ugh.