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Myffy is already trying to talk!

Ok, so I was just saying in that last post that I don’t have any photos of Myffy, but here’s a quick little video I took of Myffy on my black berry and managed to get into the computer to post here. The quality isn’t great, but I’ll try to get something better up soon. Cute isn’t she? She’s trying so very hard to talk! I’ll try to keep up with posting a bit better this year.

Closing out 2009

Well, once again it has been months since I’ve posted anything on my blog, so I’m going to just put up a few photos from the end of 2009. Somehow we ended up with almost no photos of Christmas morning! How did this happen? I guess we were all too busy soaking up the fun to grab the camera more than once or twice, but here are a couple of cute photos of Lu with the tree and some pressies. Thanks to everyone who sent stuff to the girls. They had a really great time!

In November Lu took a riding lesson on a very nice horse named Irish. She was in horse heaven! But it ended up being more of a ride than a lesson, so we decided to take her for rides now and then but to wait to start real riding lessons until she is a little older and understands more about holding onto the reins and everything.
She sure looks cute in a riding cap!
Here is Lu visiting the Prescott zoo with her Daddy. She loves wearing her pink cowgirl hat and pink cowgirl boots when she’s out with Daddy and he’s wearing his hat and boots too.
Here’s a cute one of Lu and a deer at the Deer Park! She really loves being able to get right up close and interact with the deer. Even if they are sometimes a bit aggressive about getting food.
And here’s one more cute pink cowgirl hat photo of Lu and Mommy with Myffy still in the belly. I realize that there are no photos of Myffy in this post and I will do another post with photos of her soon. The problem I’ve discovered with having 2 kids is that the camera is almost never within reach when they do something cute and photo worthy these days. It seems like my hands are always too full of kids and kid-related things to hold a camera as well. If I didn’t have a camera in my phone I’d have almost no photos of Myffy at all! And that’s the reason there aren’t any photos of her here, I haven’t gotten them out of my phone and onto the real computer yet. Poor Myffy. I’ll have to explain to her someday, just as my mother explained to me, that fewer photos does not mean I love her any less.