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To post or not to post

So I’ve been a bit paralyzed lately about this blog. I haven’t posted in so long and so much has happened since the last post. Do I try to find a way to catch up on everything that’s happened in the past 6 months? Or do I just start again from here and try to go on? Either way the focus of the blog will have to change. It’s still about my sweet little babyracer girls, but now it will be a blog about autism. Do I want to do that? Does anyone need it? Is it fair to Lu to blog about her life, her struggles, as well as mine? And do I have the time? I thought I was busy before- before the new baby, before the diagnosis, but it’s nothing to how busy I am now. I guess we’ll see. I don’t have time to write a catch up on the past six months now anyway. Maybe I’ll try to do an abridged version some day. But for now, I’ll just post this.