BENT snakes and shapes

# ER40
BENT are a trio of wonky post-punkers from Brisbane Australia. On �Snakes and Shapes�, their 2nd full length, the band deliver 14 tracks of inspired and skewed pop - raw and beautiful.

Comparisons are inevitable, though potentially lazy, masking the bands originality. (However, The Raincoats, Kleenex and early Slits may give you a suggestion of the bands sonic intent). Heidi�s vocals are joyous in delivery, almost primal in execution. Spacious drums, present a unique clatter and clang provided by Skye, freeing up the bass to provide rhythmic anchor. The guitar, (Glen), is remarkable; inventive and unhinged.

BENT are startling in their intent. Powerful without clich� or hubris.

"Silver" factory pressed CD.

Price: $9.00
BENT snakes and shapes