Broadway debut CD

# ER42
The album Broadway marks the coming together of three unique talents in music.

Art Rush was a driven and incisive songwriter and lyricist whose avowed ambition to write and perform fifty albums� worth of material on fifty Sydney shopping centres was well under way in 2015 when work began on Broadway, intended as the tenth instalment in the series (�This guy fucking rules...� Vice declared in 2007, �sounds like a young RnB inspired Billy Joel making love to Beck�).

Claire O�Meara, a talented and enterprising guitarist and songwriter, was between bands and concentrating on a degree majoring in indigenous studies � coincidentally, the same interest Art was pursuing in his degree. Claire had previously been a key member of Melbourne band Slight of Build, praised in 2010 by radio station JJJ for the �vast sonic landscapes and tense immediacy� of their music.

David Nichols was drummer for Sydney indie band The Cannanes until 1996 and a key member of early 21st century groups Huon, Driving Past and (with Architecture in Helsinki�s Kellie Sutherland) Fog & Ocean. He additionally facilitated the revival of 1960s star Pip Proud�s late 1990s career (four albums on the Emperor Jones label, as well as three reissues of older material) and is author of Dig: Australian Pop Music 1960-85 (Verse Chorus Press, 2016).

Sounds like: the satirical observations of The Fall or LCD Soundsystem crossed with Simple Minds, Lloyd Cole and Machinations.

The trio are very aware of: Robert Palmer, Joni Mitchell, Dolly Mixture, Prince, Can.

Shortly after recording these tracks Art Rush announced his transition to a female identity, and is now known as Joni Nelson Rush. JNR believes many of the songs on Broadway are unconscious flags to this change.

"Silver" factory pressed CD.

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Broadway debut CD