FATHER pop chops

# ER41
Lo-fi whizz kids FATHER, where a trio of 15-year-old school friends from Stoke, UK. Between the years of 1994 and 97 they embraced the cassette swapping culture of 90�s Britain, arriving seemingly out of nowhere with a plethora of quick succession remarkable releases, before dissolving without trace just as mysteriously.

Their appeal was instant and lasting to the few that encountered their magic at the time. Despite fidelity challenged recordings, and at times potentially under-rehearsed performances, the spontaneity of the band�s delivery and vibrant songwriting is unquestioned.

The �Dancing Major� 7inch EP, released in 1996 on 555 Recordings became a much sought after and adored artifact by lo-fi aficionados. After 20 years whereabouts unknown, a chance conversation led to tracking down reclusive Father frontman Damien, who was initially wary of resurrecting his teenage legacy onto the unsuspecting public. This CD compiles tracks, chosen by Damien, from their sole vinyl release, and choice tracks from their three impossibly rare cassette albums.

"Silver" factory pressed CD.

Price: $7.00
FATHER pop chops