Jen + Stew Wedding Picture Disc LP

# 555LP35 / RSQ 010
RECENT FIND! When I was in England earlier in the year, I found a handful of these beauties safely tucked away at my parents house!

This lovely heavy weight, picture disc album was made to commemorate the day when Jen and Stew got married on Oct 20, 2001. On one side is a messy selfie photo of Jen and Stew having a little snog on a boat in Sydney Bay and the other side is a photo of the Roden Crater where we were married. Many of our completely amazing friends contributed songs including The Softies, The Cannanes, Kid606, Tall Boy, Dear Nora, From Bubblegum to Sky, The Love Letter Band, The Escargo-gos, Huon, Winnebago, Lunchbox and Kelly Slusher. VERY LIMITED ORIGINAL VINYL COPIES, BRAND NEW, UNPLAYED, RECENTLY FOUND STOCK.

Price: $12.00
Jen + Stew Wedding Picture Disc LP