Lognhalsmottagningen / Bad Daddies split 7"

# ER 001
*JULY 2016* LOW STOCK - NEARLY GONE! Cracking punk split single and the 1st release on our new label- this is the 5th 7inch release from much loved Swedish/UK HC "shit-fi" punk band L�gnhalsmottagningen. Vocals Martin Cannert, Music Stewart Anderson. Abrasive and fast KBD-ealy-80s-Euro-esque punk. Hailing from Northern California, BAD DADDIES are a remarkable Punk band. 2 guys, 2 gals - " Abrasive blasts of budget hardcore punk! Screeching guitar dissonance and maniacal vocals backed by fist-pumping, circle pit tempos" - 400 copies on random coloured vinyl- some grey, some brown, some blue. INCLUDES DOWNLOAD CODE.
Price: $6.50
List Price: $6.50
Lognhalsmottagningen / Bad Daddies split 7"