# ER49
We live in an age of mindless celebrity, in which we are no different to our ancestors. They had less of a global sweep, but were still nonetheless impressed by seeing the mayors butler in the street, or perhaps, a coin with the monarchs face on it. In response many artistes have sought to evade such cult of personalitiness with works thrust before the public with no name attached, and a mere here. Like it or dont. But dont like it because Im the mayors butler. Like it because you like it. Or dont. You have to admire the sheer fuckin gumption of these people, death of the author, all that.

The Sparrow People are a new concept in pop music, or Klaatu all over again maybe, except that the Sparrow People are of the opinion that unlike Klaatu, you would probably have heard of them, if they told you who they were, but that you might nevertheless be prone to categorising them in a certain way, if you knew. Thus, they prefer to remain unknown.

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