New Stuff!

The new year has been busy and exciting and it suddenly seems much harder to keep up with things like posting blogs. But I have been trying out some new things for Babyracer. Most recently, these new vinyl cuffs. What do you think? Here are a bunch. I still need to add snaps to a few.

Here’s a close up of the Valentine Cuff.

Here’s a Mod Arrow Cuff.

And the back.

I also finished a new version of the vinyl bag for vinyl records. Mod Arrows to match the cuffs.

Here’s a close up of the two-tone handle. Every stitch done by hand.

And here’s the finished version of the English Flag Bag. They take me a very long time to complete. Especially now that I’m trying to line them. So I think I’ll try to get several together before I list them on the site.

Here’s a side view showing the babyracer logo embroidered in with pink floss.

And yes we are still putting out new vinyl records through 555 Recordings. Here are some of the covers we just screened for the new Huon 12″ which should be coming soon! Look out for other releases in the 555 100 series!

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  1. RANCHO COCOA says:

    The NEW STUFF looks amazing!

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