Our Kids Have Caught the Travel Bug

TravelOur kids are becoming seasoned traveling pros! In the Spring we took them to the UK to visit the Anderson Clan and see a few sights.






Andersons 2We took them all the way from the Scottish Highlands to West Yorkshire, down to London before we left.





PlayThey had a great time visiting family, making new friends and seeing some of their Grandfather’s artworks.




Tallulah and BabyAnd Carebear finally got her own Pet Passport which should make international travel with a service dog much much easier from now on.






Boyracer PopfestThis summer the kids went with us to San Francisco so we could play in the San Francisco Popfest. This was a great trip as well. They both look forward to plane rides knowing that the planes take us to fun places with hotel rooms.





Lu on Shoulders

Stew had two new Boyracer Singles ready to take to Popfest and as usual for festivals he played in 4 different bands; Boyracer, Hard Left, The How, and Lunchbox. Luckily one of them was a day show so the kids got to see him doing his Keith Moon thing on the drums for The How.




SleepingThe kids had a great time, but rocked out so hard that they fell asleep before the show was over.





Since getting back home for the summer the kids keep asking every week or so to go on the airplane up in the air and go to a hotel room. They have caught the travel bug!


boxsetWe have sold out of the fantastic Box of Tricks 5/7″ box set, but individual copies of the records are still available as well as the 2 new Boyracer singles. Get the new releases here.

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