Some Progress. Finally.

In my last post I listed some of the many medical things going on with the kids these days and how much we were hoping to have some really answers soon. And finally it seems that a few answers are forthcoming. Myffy saw the ENT who has put her on a course of mild topical steroid treatment for her adenoids delivered by nasal spray which he said we would know was working if her snoring decreased and her sleep improved. Almost immediately we noticed improvement! The past several nights have been some of the best sleep Myffy has had in ages! 



The past several nights have also been the start of Lu’s trial of a migraine prophylactic medication that has a strong sedative side effect. And she has been sleeping better once she gets to sleep. When I have asked her if she has ow and touched my head and then pointed to her head, instead of touching her own head and saying ow the way she usually does, she looked right in my eyes and said no! The first time we gave her the new med we thought she was having an anti-sedative reaction to it the way she did when the dentist tried to give her valium in order to work on her teeth. It seemed like she was on speed or something. Totally manic, jumping, screaming, laughing uncontrollably. Not that she doesn’t have those moods on her own without any medication at all, but the fact that every night we’ve given it to her she immediately has this manic half hour to hour and a half or so and then very suddenly dropped into sleep like dropping a stone, makes it seem connected to the medication. The first night I had stepped out of the bedroom to let Dahanna outside and then brought her back in and I heard Lu call out “Mamma!” By the time I got back into the bedroom and climbed up into bed next to her she was so soundly asleep she didn’t even stir as I covered her and moved her ipad out from under her arm. The second night was similar though that night she got up after doing her feed and was manic for quite awhile before I managed to coax her onto the sofa to watch Tinkerbell ‘The Secret of the Wings’ with me and cuddle until she was just on the edge of sleep, then I carried her into her own bed and snuggled until she was out which took about 2.5 seconds.

Lu’s glasses also seem to be helping with everything quite a lot. The fact that she really wants to wear them, keeps them on all day and only wants to take them off to go to sleep leads me to believe that they are helping her see better. And all of us have noticed that she looks at things for longer periods of time where before it seemed like her eyes darted from one thing to another pretty quickly. And her coloring and drawing have suddenly taken a dramatic turn towards precision and figurative representation. 



The other day she drew this drawing at school and when Madison, her school aide asked her what it was Tallulah told her that the main figure was a horse and that the drawing in the upper right area was eyes and that the small figure in the lower right was Dahanna. In the past she has often asked us to draw things for her and then colored them in and she always loves coloring in coloring books and stuff like that, but she has never completely free hand come up with a figurative representation this way. It is all very very encouraging. 

Now we just need to get through Myffy’s endoscopy and biopsy to check for EE in a couple of weeks, get the results and act accordingly, and then I will hopefully finally feel like we are on top of the kids’ medical concerns again. Whew.

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  1. Unknown says:

    So glad to hear about the girls’ progress!! And I love Tallula’s drawing!! Congratulations to you both for all your hard work in the face of so many challenges…and I think the glasses are a very cute addition to a very cute girl :-) Love to you xxxooo

  2. babyracer says:

    Thanks! I’m not sure who left that comment because it says it was left by unknown, but thank you unknown!

  3. Teddy says:

    I love Lu’s glasses! Very stylish. Race just got glasses too, and we are seeing huge improvements in his focus.

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