The Holidays

Reindeer WheezyThe holidays are a special time for so many families. For families of children with special needs they can sometimes pose some extra challenges and difficulties. There are times when my kids don’t want to go to school on a particular day, but far and away they prefer the structure and the security of knowing that they are going to school on week days and only have therapy on weekends. When this schedule changes it can make the kids feel insecure. Also days spent much more at home can cause they to go a bit stir crazy. Here are some of our tactics for dealing with the stir craziness:


Myffy under treeGoing to the pet store, one of Talllulah’s favorite place in the whole world thanks to the parrots and the ferrets. Lu would get so excited about going that she would jump up and down and shout “Mommy parrot, Mommy ferret, Mommy pet store!”




jingle deerWe also went to the Grand Canyon Deer Farm a few times, though on days when it was hotter than freezing, the ground got a bit muddy. The kids loved it regardless, but the car and their clothes got pretty messy.




Carboard CastleLast year one of the kids friends’ gave them a giant cardboard house that they could paint on the outside and go inside and look out the windows. This year Stew found a castle from the same company. We thought that we would bust it out in the afternoon on Christmas Day, once the kids got bored with the morning’s toys and were getting stir crazy again, but it never happened. In fact we ended up saving it for New Year’s Day when a friend came over with her boys to paint together.

Even though there were a few times when things got difficult for the kids this winter break, it was still their best Holiday Season yet. It’s so great to be able to look back and see the progress being made month by month and year by year.

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